How to connect to a Cloud Storage or CRM platform


Navigate to Menu > Portal Settings > Cloud Services and CRM

NowInfinity gives you the ability to connect to a cloud storage and/or CRM system that your practice may be currently using.

This means that all created documents can be saved in the cloud instantaneously.

When connecting a CRM system, this allows you to pull in relevant data to documents.

The 'Cloud storage and CRM systems' section is available on the Portal settings page where you can connect any of the available systems:


How to connect to a Cloud Storage platform

Select one of the following cloud storage services:

  • Dropbox
  • Box
  • Google Drive
  • Sharepoint

And click on 'Connect'

  • Select an account to connect to


  • Allow NowInfinity to access the selected account:


You are then redirected to Portal Settings. You can select a file to upload all documents by clicking on “Change Path” button.


Select the preferred folder


Once your cloud platform is connected, the option to 'copy documents to cloud' becomes available on the Collaboration page.




How to connect a CRM system

The following CRM systems can be connected via the NowInfinity platform:

  • Salesforce

To connect the CRM system, enter your login credentials and click 'Connect'.

Once connected, click on 'Refresh Data'.


The connected CRM system will appear on the document template form as per below.

Click on the CRM logo to pull in data.



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