How to connect to a Cloud Storage or CRM platform


How can I connect NowInfinity to my existing a Cloud Storage or CRM platform?


NowInfinity gives you the ability to connect to a cloud storage and/or CRM system that your practice may be currently using, allowing all created documents to be saved in the cloud instantaneously.

Navigate to Menu > Portal Settings > Cloud Services and CRM. From here you will have the option to connect either:


How to connect to a Cloud Storage Service

  1. Select one of the following cloud storage services:
    • Dropbox
    • Box
    • Google Drive
    • Sharepoint
  2. Select 'Connect'
    Note: If connecting to SharePoint, a SharePoint Application Address will need to be supplied and additional settings within SharePoint many need to be updated by following Connecting to SharePoint.
  3. Sign into the selected could storage service
    Note: the visual prompt may differ from those shown depending on the service selected.
  4. Allow NowInfinity to access the selected account
  5. After being redirected back to NowInfinity, select Change Path
  6. Select the preferred folder

Uploading documents to a connected Cloud Storage Service

Once you are connected to a Cloud Storage Service, the ability to copy documents to the Could Storage Service becomes available on the Collaboration page.

  1. Select the Cloud Storage Service from the integrations list.
  2. Check the file path to upload to, correcting if required
  3. Select Upload to Cloud


How to connect a CRM system

The following CRM systems can be connected via the NowInfinity platform:

  • Salesforce
  1. Enter your login credentials and select 'Connect'
  2. Once connection is complete, select 'Refresh Data'.

Accessing a connected CRM's data

A connected CRM's data will be available though within the interview forms of Documents and ASIC Forms when applicable.

  1. From an applicable field, select the Integrations Icon
  2. Select the CRM logo
  3. Select the relevant company or individual.
  4. The name and address of the selected company or individual will complete within the interview form.
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