Accessing the Daily Debt Report for all Companies


How can I access the Daily Debt Report for all of my Companies?


The Notification Center allows you to proactively manage your client’s Company debt, and always have a clear picture of who owes what and when.

Company debt will be updated every day with the Daily Debt Reports. When ASIC sends a response with Company debt, a notification appears in the Notification Center with the debt information.

To access the Notification Center navigate to Menu > Corporate Messenger > Notification Center


The "New" tab is where all the daily notifications are kept. The Notification Center shows two types of Debt Reports


1. Company Debt Report (RA63 form)

This is a report for a specific Company that has been requested through an RA63, categorised as type - ‘Other’. Whenever there is a change in debt for an individual Company, three different types of notifications appear depending on the following: 

1. Increase in debt

  • an ‘Invoice Statement’ Notification is generated


2. Decrease in Debt,

  • Companies with a zero debt balance will not appear on the Debt Reports. However a notification will be generated

  • When Companies still owe money, two notifications will be generated:

    1. The Notification specifying reduction in debt, outstanding amount with a message - ‘This may cause a late fee!’

    2. Invoice Statement with the amount outstanding.



2. Debt Report of Companies registered under Agent (RA67 form) 

This is a report for all Companies registered under an agent, categorised as type - ‘Debt Reports’. You can select "Expand" to view each Debt Report which will provide an estimate when late fees may apply.



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