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How can I change who receives the emailed signed copies of ASIC Forms? 

How can I stop lodgements from being automatically lodged?


Navigate to Menu > Product Settings > Documents Settings.

The Documents Settings page is where you can select and edit options for documents created in Corporate Messenger as well as validation report settings.



Receive Validation Reports

This option is unticked by default. If the option is ticked all incoming messages from ASIC (i.e. validation reports) will be sent automatically to the ASIC Contact by email.

Note: These reports will also appear in your Notification Centre.



Document Settings


Don't Lodge Documents Automatically

This option is ticked by default. This means that a form will never be lodged automatically and it is up to you to lodge the form when you are confident the form has been completed.

We recommend leaving this option as ticked so that you have a higher level of control on lodgements.

If the check-box is un-ticked then documents will be submitted to ASIC automatically once the document has been e-signed by all signatories.

Remove Cover Page


This option is unticked by default.

The 'Remove Cover Page' option removes the 'cover' page from documentation generated on Corporate Messenger. If check-box is un-ticked, the cover page will appear on every first page of generated documents.

Disable Unlodged Form Protection.

The main purpose of this feature is to display the changes that were applied to the Company but not yet lodged. In addition, changes will also be reflected in the new forms that will be created for the Company.

The purpose of this feature is to prevent conflicts while manipulating the same Company information at the same time. For more information see our article on Company Sequential Changes.  



If you would like to keep track of documents sent for e-signing you have the ability to receive notifications when signatories have signed. These settings can be found by navigating to Menu > Product Settings > Document Settings.

The 'Send Signing Notification’ drop-down box contains a list of options to select who receives the signing notifications when a document is sent for signing via DocuSign.

Notifications can be sent to :

  • Sender - The user who sent the document
  • Recipients -The signatories
  • Sender and Recipient - The user who sent the document and the signatories
  • Do not send - Notification won’t be sent

Notifications are sent when each individual signatory has signed.

If you would like to receive only one signing notification, once the signing process is complete, tick the box 'Notify Only When Entire Document Is Signed'.

If you would like the Signing Manager to receive email notification if an Authorised Officeholder signed but not the other signatories of the document, tick the box ‘Receive A Notification When ASIC Form 484 Is E-Signed’.



ASIC now sends Company invoices electronically. Invoices are received in the Notification Center available from the Main Menu. 

You can choose who should be notified when an invoice is received under the Notification Center. Click on the drop down box and select one of the options below.



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