How to manually send reminders


How can I manually send a reminder to my client? 


The reminders for any document sent out via the NowInfinity platform will appear under Menu > Productivity > Reminders.

Within the Reminders section, the reminders are reflected in 5 statuses:

  • Drafts: Reminders that have not been sent out yet, that are scheduled to be sent out in future
  • Sent: Reminders that have been sent out to clients
  • Voided: Reminders that have been voided/deactivated and not sent to clients
  • Downloaded as .eml: Reminders where the Annual Statement has been downloaded as an email so that the email can be manually edited and then sent out to the client
  • Burning: Reminders that are overdue to be sent



To manually send a reminder:

  1. Navigate to Menu > Productivity > Reminders > Drafts.
  2. Select the tick-box next to the reminder/s that you would like to send


  3. Click the "Actions" tab
  4. Click "Send Reminders"


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