How to set up reminders

Below are the instructions for setting up reminders.

Menu > Product Settings > Reminders

Reminders can be sent for:

  • Annual Statements - there are two types of reminders: one reminds a client to pay the Annual Review fee (to avoid a late fee) and the other reminds a client to sign the Solvency Resolution.
  • ASIC forms - avoid a late lodgement fee.
  • For signing legal documents (from the create a document page) – to remind a client to sign documentation. 

Note: No reminders will be sent automatically unless you select the option to send the reminders out automatically:


1. Annual Statements reminders

From the date an Annual Statement is received, clients have two months to pay the Annual Review fee.

If overdue by one month, a $80 fee is charged. If overdue by more than a month, a $330 fee is charged. To avoid a late fee, send reminders to your client.


Go to Menu > Product Settings > Reminders


By default, reminders are created 28, 46 and 54 days from the date the Annual Statement is received. You can edit the frequency, the amount and the type of reminders.

To edit the reminder, click on the 3 dots to the right of the table and select 'Edit Reminder Day'.

If you find that 3 reminders aren’t enough, you can add more by clicking on the green 'Add Reminder' button. If you would like less than 3 reminders click 'Delete' to remove a reminder.

NOTE: There must be at least 1 reminder set for each reminder section (Annual Statements, ASIC Documents, Regular Documents). If all are removed, the default reminders and dates will be re-applied.



If the option to send automatic reminders was selected, the reminders will cease once the debt has been paid. However, if you would like signing reminders to continue for Solvency Resolutions please tick this box.


2. Reminders for ASIC documents

As with the Annual Statement reminders, you can edit the date, the type and the number of reminders by clicking on the 3 dots. In addition, you can select whether reminders are to be sent before the lodgement deadline or after the document was sent for signing.


3. Signing reminders for Legal documents

Select the option to create a reminder when sending a document for signing:


Customise the number of reminders, the date and type by clicking on the 3 dots.


4. Other reminder options


- Add a payslip attachment to reminders: You can choose to add a payslip to the reminders, however the payslip is not the ASIC invoice, the payslip is generated by NowInfinity.

- Send the reminders out automatically: Select the option to send the reminders out automatically when a document/Annual Statement is sent to the client from NowInfinity. Reminders will cease once the debt has been paid or e-signing has been completed.

- Create a reminder when sending the document for signing: Select this option to enable signing reminders. Signing reminders will turn off automatically when a document has been marked as signed or when signing has been completed using Docusign.

- CC account manager on reminders: You can choose to cc the Company Account Manager (if assigned under the Companies list) on all reminders.

- Follow up signing of solvency resolution/minute: If you would like to continue reminders for Solvency Resolution which are unsigned however the debt has been paid, select this option.


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