How to import Trusts within the Trust Register

There are several ways to import your Trusts into NowInfinity's Trust Register.

Importing Trusts from NowInfinity Trust Documents 

If you have created Trusts in NowInfinity and would like them imported into Trust Register you can do this through Menu > Trusts > Actions > Import Trusts

If you do not want all existing Trusts in NowInfinity to be added to Trust Register, you can import them individually via the collaboration page for each Trust. To do this go to Menu > Completed Documents > Search for the Trust name and open. Select "Add to Trust Register":

Importing Trusts from Xero Practice Manager (XPM)

You will need to ensure NowInfinity is connected to your XPM platform. Follow the steps in this article to establish a connection. 

Once connected, go to Menu > Trust Register > Trusts > Actions > Import Trusts. 
If you cannot see the 'Actions' option or only see the options to 'Establish a Trust' or 'Add an existing Trust', please email for further assistance. Alternatively, if you are still in the onboarding stage, please reach out to your Onboarding Consultant.




Importing via excel spreadsheet

After completing the excel spreadsheet template (click here to access) and follow the below steps to enter the Trust details into the spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet requires:

  1. Name of Trust
  2. Trust type (select from the drop-down)
  3. ACN or name of the Individual Trustee


Note: It is important that you follow the exact format of the examples in the spreadsheet, otherwise, the upload will be unsuccessful.

Once the spreadsheet is completed navigate back to Menu > Trust Register > Trusts > click on "Actions" > "Import Trusts".2023-06-01_11h35_38.png

This will take you to the Trust import page where you will need to select "Upload a File" and choose the spreadsheet you completed.2023-06-01_11h37_25.png

Adding existing Trusts manually

Click here for instructions on adding an existing Trust to the NowInfinity Trust Register.

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