How to manage pins

By default, each Trust has the following pins set by system automatically:

    • Trust status.
    • Trust type.
    • Jurisdiction.


You can add additional pins by clicking on the ‘pin’ icon.

When the ‘pin’ icon is selected you will see the below screen where pins can be added or deleted. 



Deleting a pin:

Pins that are applied automatically can not be deleted


If you want to search under a specific pin, click on the specific pin you wish to search for. The name of the pin will then become an additional tab along the top of the Trust list. Then click on the tab and all Trusts that to the specific pin will appear.


You are also able to apply a pin to multiple Trusts. For example a number of Trusts may belong to a family group you wish to categorise. To do this, select the relevant Trusts and go to the ‘Actions’ menu and click on ‘Manage Pins’.


Once you've created the pin, it will then apply across the selected Trusts.


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