What information is available on the Trust List?

On the Main Menu, you will see ‘Trusts’ under the Trust Register heading.


When you click on ‘Trusts’, it will then list all the Trusts under your account that are on the Trust Register.


Every Trust in the list has the following details:

  • Trust name.
  • Reference number and Family group (if added to the Trust profile).


To add a reference number of a family group, open the full profile of the Trust, click on Edit, enter a reference number and/or family group, and click on Save. 


  • Commencement date: date when Trust was created.
  • Account manager: person assigned to manage the Trust. 'Unassigned' is a default value. 

To assign an account manager for a Trust, click on the ‘pencil’ icon next to the ‘Account Manager’ column and select any contact from the list. 


To assign an account manager for multiple Trusts, select the Trusts you would like to assign the account manager to, click on 'Actions' and select 'Set Account Manager'



The account manager can see all Trusts they have been assigned to by selecting My Trust.


  • Pins can be used to identify and sort Trusts into different levels and types and add an extra level of organisation to Trusts management.
    Refer to our article on how to manage pins for more information.
  • Trust Ready Reckoner: a coloured percentage indicates the completion of the Trust profile. 100% means that all information has been completed on the specific Trust and that you're able to complete any of the documents available on the Trust Register. See our article on the Trust Ready Reckoner for further information. 






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