NowInfinity's Terms Of Service

NowInfinity's Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Fair Use Policy have been updated to ensure customer entitlements and obligations are standardised across the board. 

What this means for you: 

  • Updated Privacy Policy for the disclosure of personal information to government agencies such as ASIC, and State Revenue Offices, and to clarify our position in relation to overseas recipients of personal information
  • Updated Fair Use Policy to exclude usage-based fees
  • Updated Terms and Conditions for the NowInfinity package options and excess usage fees, on the use of our e-Signature solutions from our providers and our Deed Stamping services, to clarify your obligations in relation to any personal information that you disclose to us, to include a provision dealing with how notices are to be given by email, and NSW Fair Trading legislative compliance updates (to protect you as our customer)   
  • Service inclusions as part of the Subscription Packages may generate an excess-usage charge above thresholds for each tier, as listed here
  • Excess-usage for Documents is based on the On-demand Pricing. For Corporate Messenger, Trust Register and Super Comply this is based on the Corporate Messenger company fee. All prices are listed here.

If you have an existing Subscription Package, these updates will take effect 29 April 2021. If you do no agree to these updates, contact us at or see your current Terms and Conditions which describe your options. In all other circumstances these updates will take effect immediately to any future purchases you may make.

Both NowInfinity’s On-demand and Subscription Packages options represent great value as a user-friendly, all-in-one platform. We strongly encourage you to click below and attend one of our free weekly webinars to get the most out of what NowInfinity offers: 

Should you have any questions regarding our plans and pricing options, or to check you are in the correct Subscription package based on your usage, email us at

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