Protecting against Phishing email attempts

We take information security very seriously and ask that you also be vigilant to prevent fraud and to help protect our common interests.  

Steps to protect yourself from phishing attempts

·         Don’t click on links in emails or messages, or open attachments, from people or organisations you don’t know.

·         Be especially cautious if messages are very enticing or appealing (they seem too good to be true) or threaten you to make you take a suggested action.

·         Before you click a link (in an email or on social media, instant messages, other web pages, or other means), hover over that link to see the actual web address it will take you to (usually shown at the bottom of the browser window). If you do not recognise or trust the address, try searching for relevant key terms in a web browser. This way you can find the article, video or web page without directly clicking on the suspicious link.

·         If you're not sure, talk through the suspicious message with your IT Department, or check its legitimacy by contacting NowInfinity (use our official contact channels).

·         Use a spam filter to block deceptive messages from even reaching you.

·         Understand that we would never send you a link and ask you to enter your personal or financial details.

Our official communication channels are: 

Example of a fraudulent email request

From: NowInfinity <>
Date: Wednesday, 30 June 2021 at 7:16 pm
Subject: Confirm your subscription to NowInfinity


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