Step 1 - Fundamentals of NowInfinity

This article introduces NowInfinitys Product Suite and Key learning articles to get you started.

NowInfinity has four key product modules.

  • Documentation Suite
  • Corporate Messenger
  • Trust Register
  • SuperComply 

You will gain access to each module the relevance of the following information regarding each module will depend on the NowInfinity subscription plans you have chosen. 

For further information on our subscriptions and what is included, please click here.


Register for the two NowInfinity training webinars here and ensure that this is rolled out to the rest of the team (if applicable). You will have the ability to ask questions about any of the functionality during the live webinars.



What this webinar covers

Corporate Messenger Webinar

This webinar is perfect for anyone in your business who will be working on corporate compliance.

It will cover how to utilise your Corporate Messenger platform and integrate it into your business processes. You will be shown how to prepare and complete ASIC lodgements, use bundle changes, view company profiles, and much more.

Documents & Trust Register Webinar

This webinar is perfect for anyone who would like to learn about our extensive document suite and how to leverage it to create efficiency and growth.

This webinar is important for everyone in your business. From understanding the revenue and strategic opportunities to your bottom line through to operational matters.


Key Learning Articles for this section



Documentation Suite



Corporate Messenger

Trust Register



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