Step 1 - Fundamentals of NowInfinity

This article will cover the following areas for new users of NowInfinity.

Set up login

Once you have been added as a new user to your NowInfinity account, you will receive a Welcome to NowInfinity email to set up your login. 

Note: If you have not received the below email from NowInfinity or are the only user on your account, please request for an 'Admin' team member (a user on your account who has access to settings), our Customer Support team on 1300 851 057 (Option 2) or email for further assistance. If you currently have an Implementation Consultant, please inform them. How to add, edit or remove a User 


The relevance of the following information regarding each module will depend on the NowInfinity subscription you have chosen and the access permissions your 'Admin' team member(s) have set for you. 

For further information on our subscriptions and what is included, click here.


Product Suite

NowInfinity has four key product modules (click the links below to find out more):


1. Documentation Suite
Order legal documents, including entity establishments, loan agreements and more.

2. Corporate Messenger
Manage corporate compliance for companies under your ASIC agent number.

3. Trust Register
Creation of trust-related documents and maintaining other trust administration processes for trusts imported into your register. 

4. Super Comply
Creation of SMSF-related documents and maintaining other SMSF administration processes for SMSFs imported into your register. 


If you are not familiar with which products you have access to please see the below table or contact your NowInfinity Administrator. 

Subscription Type

Documentation Suite

Corporate Messenger

Trust Register

Super Comply




Corporate Messenger (Only)



Documentation Suite (Only)


Corporate Messenger & Documentation Suite Combination























Training Webinars

To get started, register for the applicable NowInfinity training webinars below. Please ensure that this is rolled out to the rest of the team (if applicable).
Once registered, you will have access to our on-demand recorded webinars.



Other Resources

Documentation Suite
(25 mins)

Learn about NowInfinity's extensive list of documents available and how to leverage it to create efficiency and growth for your business.

How to navigate the documentation suite in NowInfinity

How To Register a Standard Company

Establish a Trust

Establish an SMSF

Corporate Messenger (Part 1)
(33 mins)

Learn about how to manage corporate compliance in NowInfinity and integrate it into your business processes. You will be shown how to prepare and complete ASIC lodgements, use bundle changes, view company profiles, and more.

Which information is available on the Company Full Profile?

Preparing an ASIC Form on Corporate Messenger

How to send an Annual Statement

Corporate Messenger (Part 2)
(16 mins)

This webinar is for the 'Admin' users (access to settings) on your account.

It will cover how to customise the Portal and Product Settings for your NowInfinity account.

Customising Settings in NowInfinity

Trust Register
(25 mins)

This webinar will cover the Trust Register and its capabilities. From importing trusts into your Trust Register to creating trust-related documents from the Trust profile.

How to edit the Trust Profile

How to create Trust Distribution Minutes

Super Comply

There is currently no webinar available.

How to edit the Fund Profile

SMSF Deed of Variation

Onboarding Webinars are also accessible via the mceclip2.png button at the top of the page. 


E-Learning and Training

NowInfinity has E-Learning courses accessible via the mceclip2.png button at the top of the page. 

Simply click the mceclip2.png button and select 'E-Learning and Training' to be redirected to the Class Learning page.

For more information on our E-learning courses, please click here.


Guided Walks

NowInfinity has guided walkthroughs available for users to access at any time from the mceclip2.png button at the top of the page.

Simply click the mceclip2.png button and select 'Guided Walkthroughs'. A window will appear at the bottom right of the page. Here you can select the 'Get Started' or 'Help' tab to find available walks. 
Once you have selected a walk, the system will guide you through how to complete the particular task requested.

For more information on walks, please click here.



Support Resources

Our Customer Service Team are here to help. The NowInfinity Live Chat and Call windows are 8:30 am to 5:30 pm on Monday to Friday (AEST), excluding public holidays.

  • By accessing the Live Chat function within the mceclip3.png button on the NowInfinity platform;
  • By calling 1300 851 057 (Option 2); and
  • By emailing

For more information see Support for NowInfinity.

If you have any technical or legal queries, please email
For more information on the NowInfinity Legal Service Providers, please click here. 



Next Step

Once you have read this article, if you are an 'Admin' user (access to settings), please see the help article Step 2 - Customising Settings in NowInfinity.



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