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This article outlines the most important items to get you started with NowInfinity. 

Note: If you have a PAYG account and will not be using NowInfinity's Corporate Messenger, please see Fundamentals of NowInfinity


Planning your move to NowInfinity

Congratulations on your decision to move to NowInfinity!

Before you get started, there are some steps that you can start thinking about for a smooth onboarding experience.


Complete outstanding lodgements

Ensure outstanding ASIC forms are lodged prior to connecting your ASIC EDGE to NowInfinity. We will not be able to import your outstanding ASIC forms to NowInfinity. If you are unable to lodge the ASIC form at this time, you may recreate the ASIC form when you are connected with NowInfinity.

Note: We will reimport the annual statements received in the last 60 days. However, annual statements received more than 60 days ago cannot be processed via NowInfinity.


Login to NowInfinity

Login to NowInfinity via your welcome email. This will be sent to the primary contact provided on your subscription form.  If you do not receive the welcome email, contact us at onboarding@nowinfinity.com.au

When logging in for the first time you will be prompted to set up your password and Two Factor Authentication (2FA).

You will have immediate access to our Documentation Suite.


Prepare your ASIC EDGE details

In order to activate the Corporate Messenger service with NowInfinity, your Onboarding Consultant will require your ASIC EDGE details to be saved in the ASIC Parameters settings page of your NowInfinity account.

Note: Once your ASIC EDGE details are saved in NowInfinity and your ASIC import begins (syncing companies from ASIC to NowInfinity), we request that you remove your ASIC EDGE details from your previous corporate compliance software (if applicable). This is due to ASIC allowing only one corporate compliance software to access your ASIC EDGE at a time. 

If you don't have ASIC EDGE details, you will need to apply for these by completing this form.
You will need to print, sign and email the form to ASIC at agent.registration@asic.gov.au.

If you do have ASIC EDGE details, please ensure you have the following details ready to save to your NowInfinity account and let your Onboarding Consultant know where you previously managed ASIC lodgements (e.g. CAS Desktop, MYOB, ASIC portal) and if you would like to import historical data (only available for CAS Desktop and MYOB) Getting Started with Transitions.

  • ASIC registered agent name
  • ASIC agent number
    (the EDGE details are different from your login to ASIC edge portal. The EDGE ID login should start with the letter A followed by numbers i.e. A12345)
  • EDGE password

Note: once you have saved your ASIC EDGE credentials in your NowInfinity account, you may be required to reset your ASIC EDGE password. If required, see How to reset ASIC EDGE password.


Maximising time with your Onboarding Consultant

Your Onboarding Consultant will be with you during your NowInfinity implementation period and will be your first point of contact. In order to maximise this time, we suggest you consider the following: 

  1. Familiarise yourself with NowInfinity via the Fundamentals of NowInfinity help article.
    This help article will provide key information regarding the NowInfinity product suite, training webinars, guided walkthroughs on the platform and support resources. 
  2. Begin Customising Settings in NowInfinity.


Simple steps with your Onboarding Consultant

See the attached document below for an overview of NowInfinity's simple onboarding steps.

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