Step 2 - Customising Settings in NowInfinity

This article will cover the following areas for customising your NowInfinity account.

Note: Only 'Admin' users will be able to access settings and the guided settings walks.


Health Center

The Health Center is a great way to track your outstanding onboarding tasks on NowInfinity.

What is the Health Center?



Guided Settings Walks

Simply click the mceclip2.png button and select 'Guided Walkthroughs'. A window will appear at the bottom right of the page. Here you can access the 'Get Started' walks. Alternatively, click here to access the WalkMe menu.

The system will guide you through how to customise key settings.




Key Settings Articles

Portal Settings

  Section Article
  Account Settings How to update your company details
  Available Logos How to customise your logo
  Credit Cards How to add or remove a credit card
  Email Settings Customising the outgoing email address - AWS (Amazon Web Services)
  User Management  How to add, edit or remove a user
  Access How do I set up user permissions?
  Integrations Connect to Integrations
  DocuSign How to customise the E-signing email notifications
  Text Messages  How to customise the text messages


Product Settings





Update ASIC Agent Address

ASIC agent address


Document Settings

ASIC document settings


Annual Statement

Who receives Annual Statement notifications?

How to set a solvency minutes or solvency resolution as default settings for annual statement

What are the annual statement and solvency resolution display options?

How to add directors signatures to the ASIC annual statement


Cover Letter

How to customise and upload more than one cover letter for an Annual Statement



How to set up the summary report


Email Settings

Customising email templates



How to set up reminders


Next Step

Once you have read this article, if you are an 'Admin' user (access to settings), please see the help article Step 3 - Connect to Integrations.



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