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How do I activate Corporate Messenger?

In order to activate the Corporate Messenger service with NowInfinity, your Implementation Consultant will require your ASIC EDGE details to be saved in the ASIC Parameters settings page of your NowInfinity account. During the onboarding stage, your Implementation Consultant will guide you through these steps and coordinate the ASIC import (importation of your companies from ASIC to NowInfinity).

If you don't have ASIC EDGE details, you will need to apply for these by completing this form.
You will need to print the form, sign it and email it to ASIC at agent.registration@asic.gov.au.

If you do have ASIC EDGE details, ensure you have the following details ready to save to your NowInfinity account and let your Implementation Consultant know where you previously managed ASIC lodgements (e.g. CAS Desktop, MYOB, ASIC portal, etc.).

  • ASIC registered agent name
  • ASIC agent number
  • EDGE password


How long does it take for the ASIC import to be completed?

Once Corporate Messenger is activated, it will take up to 48 hours to import your companies’ information from ASIC, refresh the companies’ debts, and receive the current annual statements.

Note: Delays may occur if the ASIC EDGE password is not provided or requires a reset, or if ASIC is experiencing delays.


Can we have multiple agent numbers?

A NowInfinity account can only have one ASIC agent number associated with it.

If you would like to import companies from multiple ASIC agent numbers on NowInfinity, request further information from your Implementation Consultant.


Can we do a bulk transfer of companies from one agent number to another agent number?

Yes, companies can be transferred from one ASIC agent number to another agent number using NowInfinity’s Bundle Agent Appointment feature. See the following article for further information.
Adding multiple companies to Corporate Messenger, using the Bundle Agent Appointment feature


Can I still use ASIC or my previous provider once Corporate Messenger is activated?

Once your ASIC EDGE details are saved in NowInfinity and your ASIC import begins, we request that you remove your ASIC EDGE details from your previous corporate compliance software (if applicable). This is due to ASIC allowing only one corporate compliance software to connect with your ASIC EDGE at a time. You will still be able to access the ASIC portal.


If I make a change on ASIC does it reflect on NowInfinity?

If the company profile has been refreshed since the change was made on ASIC, it will reflect on the company profile in NowInfinity. To view the last refreshed date of a company profile, see the blue banner at the top of the company profile.

If the change was only recently made via ASIC directly, see the following article for more information on how the company profile can be manually refreshed.
I lodged a form directly with ASIC and it is not reflecting on the company profile of Corporate Messenger. What do I need to do?


Can we customise the templates for minutes and resolution?

Minutes and resolution templates are not customisable on NowInfinity. However, once the document is generated, NowInfinity does have the option to edit some documents. See the following article for further information.
How to edit a document using Online Editor   



Can we customise the email templates?

Yes, see the following article for further information.
Customising Email Templates


Can we bulk import Signing Contact and Billing Contact email addresses, phone numbers and addresses to company profiles?

Yes, NowInfinity has a Companies Contact Import spreadsheet template where you may provide the Signing and Billing Contact details to import to the relevant company profiles in bulk. 
Bulk update of Billing & Signing contact information


How often does NowInfinity update the companies’ debts and company profiles?

Companies’ debts are refreshed every day and will reflect on the Corporate Messenger > Companies page, in the 'Total Debt' column. A debt report notification is available in the Notification Center when the debts have been refreshed.

NowInfinity refreshes 100 Company profiles per day, per account and a Company profile is automatically updated after an ASIC form is successfully lodged via NowInfinity.

Prior to making company changes, it is best practice to check the blue refresh banner at the top of the company profile. For more information on how the company profile can be manually refreshed, see How to manually refresh a Company Profile.


If I update data in NowInfinity would it automatically push documents to Xero Practice Manager (XPM) and update details?

If your account is connected to your XPM account, when preparing an ASIC form in NowInfinity, from the Collaboration page, users will have the option to push documents to XPM. For an address change, users will have the option to update in XPM.



Is e-signing included on my NowInfinity account?

Your NowInfinity account is set up with e-signing by default and is included at no extra cost. If you have a DocuSign account that you would like to connect to NowInfinity, see How to connect a custom DocuSign account.


How do I allocate an Account Manager to my companies in Corporate Messenger?

Allocating an Account Manager to a company is a great way to organise your Companies list. 

In your Companies list, under the Account Manager column, click the pencil icon to assign a user from your NowInfinity account to a company.

See the following articles for more information on Account Managers.
What is the role of the Account Manager?
Update the Account Manager for multiple companies



How do I add pins to a company?

Saving pins to a company is a great way to display key information regarding a company and to group companies.

In your Companies list, under the Pins column, click the pin icon to create and/or assign a pin to a company.

See the following article for more information. 
How to use Pins



How do I load my historical data?

NowInfinity offers historical data imports for customers coming from specific software providers. This is typically completed during the onboarding stage. Please discuss our options further with your Implementation Consultant. For more information, see Getting Started with Transitions.


Can I email you my data?

We strongly recommend that you do not send sensitive information via email. Please reach out to your Implementation Consultant to receive a log-in to our secure data transferring platform.

Can the Transitions team load my trusts to Trust Register?

For subscription customers, the Transitions team will load your trusts to the Trust Register if the trusts are provided in the files from your outgoing software. See Transferring your Historical Data and How to import Trust on Trust Register for further information.
We do not offer a service to manually load trusts to Trust Register. 

Can the Transitions team load my funds to Super Comply?

If you are a subscription customer, you will have access to Super Comply. The Transitions team will not load funds to your Super Comply unless your outgoing software allows for this. See Transferring your Historical Data and Importing Funds into SuperComply for further information.
We do not offer a service to manually load your funds to SuperComply. 


Why do some of my Annual Statements have the status ‘Not Received’?

When your ASIC EDGE credentials are saved to your NowInfinity account and your companies have synced to NowInfinity, some Annual Statements that have already been received in ASIC portal or your previous corporate compliance software may not be received in NowInfinity again.
If an Annual Statement for a company is ‘Not Received’ and you would like to generate a copy of the Annual Statement, see How to remerge Annual Statements.



How do I order a hard copy?

When ordering legal documents from the NowInfinity Documentation Suite, users have the option to order a slimline or binder hard copy to be printed and delivered. 

For more information on hard copies, see the following help article. 
How to order a hard copy of a Document
FAQs - Hard Copy Printing

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