I lodged a form directly with ASIC and it is not reflecting on the company profile of Corporate Messenger. What do I need to do?

Whilst NowInfinity syncs with ASIC on a daily basis to refresh Company debts and Annual Statements, Company Profiles may not be refreshed daily.

ASIC allows NowInfinity to refresh 100 Company Profiles per NowInfinity account per day, and after every successfully lodged form via NowInfinity's Corporate Messenger.

Any changes made outside of Corporate Messenger will not reflect directly on the company profile. It will only reflect on the profile once the system has refreshed the company profile. However if you have lodged a form outside of Corporate Messenger and wish to see the profile updated immediately in the company profile, you can click the two circling arrows button in the top right corner of the Company Profile to proceed with a manual refresh.


For more information see How to manually refresh a Company Profile.


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