How to manually refresh a Company Profile


How can I manually refresh a Company's Profile page?


Data Downloads are used to refresh Company Profile's within NowInfinity with new data from ASIC. Data Downloads automatically run in the background at certain increments. If you require any new changes made on the ASIC portal to appear in NowInfinity straight away, you can click the two circling arrows button in the top right corner of the Company Profile to proceed with a manual refresh.


Alternatively, users can lodge a Form RA71 (Data download), as per the following steps below:

Step 1: Open the Company Profile

Step 2: Click on the 'Agent Services' tab at the top of the profile and select the Form RA71 - this form will help us capture any changes that happened outside Corporate Messenger. 

Step 3: Complete the form and select "Data Download". Once lodged successfully, the company profile and blue 'Company Refreshed' banner will be updated. 


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