Customising Email Templates

For more information, please refer to the instructions below:

Menu-> Product Settings-> Email settings

'Email settings' tab on the 'Product Settings' page is where you can customise the email templates which are sent from Corporate Messenger to your clients. 


The following email templates are available for customisation:

  • Annual Statement Letter (Regular Email) – When annual statement is sent from NowInfinity via email or Outlook.


  • Annual Statement (e-Sign) – when annual statement is sent via DocuSign


  • Annual Statement Payment Reminder – Payment reminder sent to client to pay for the annual review fee
  • Forward Documents - email used when forwarding documentation from the Collaboration page,


  • E-signing reminder for Annual statements - email notifications to remind your clients to sign the Solvency Resolution as part of the annual statement documentation package.

Every template in the list has pre-defined default text that is available to be changed if you require.

To start customising the template go to:

Menu > Product Settings > Email Settings


Select a template in the dropdown box


If a template is being customised for the first time, click on “Create New”


Your logo will appear on the email template. If the NowInfinity logo appears please contact

You can edit the text of the template, however please do note amend or remove the following codes which are used to pulling in relevant data to personalise your emails. @UserName @Accountname @OrderName @CustomText.


To edit the wording on the template just click on it and amend. Don’t forget to save your changes by clicking on “Upload” at the top right corner. 


To restore the previous version of the template, click on Restore. To delete the template and use the default NowInfinity template, click on “Delete”.


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