How to add, edit or remove a User


How do I add, edit (including resetting access), or remover users? 


Navigate to Menu > Portal > Portal Settings > User Management. From this page the following actions can be taken:



How to Add a New User

  1. Click "Add New User"

  2. Enter the required information.
    • Ticking "Is Portal Administrator" will give the User access to Portal and Product Settings pages. Access should only be granted to Users who have authority to change settings within the platform.
    • User permissions can be updated after the user is added to your NowInfinity account.
  3. Click "Save"
  4. The new user will receive a Welcome email with a link to set up their first password.

Note: Where the user is already recorded against another NowInfinity account, either:

  • A different email must be used, or
  • The user will need to be deleted from the other NowInfinity account by an Administrator. Once removed from the previous account the user can then be added under the new account. If the user is unable to be deleted (e.g. the accounts Administrator cannot be reached), then the user can e-mail from the matching e-mail address requesting to be removed from the previous account.

How to edit User Information

To edit a User's information, click the "Pencil Icon" next to the User's name:

Note: If the email address is edited and the user receive their verification code via the Authenticator App, you will need to reset the user's MFA at the same time.



How to Delete User 

To delete user from the Account, click "Delete Icon" next to User's name:


How to Unlock a User Account

To unlock a User Account, click "Unlock & Reset Password" icon next to User's name:



How to Reset a User's MFA 

To reset the User's MFA, click the "Reset MFA Icon" next to User's name:


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