NowInfinity and WalkMe

What is WalkMe? 

WalkMe is a cloud based solution that is used to give guided tutorials/walkthroughs.

What Walks are available on the platform?

  • Virtual Tour and Orientation - How to navigate the platform
  • Portal and Product Settings - Assists in the completion of your Account Settings/Onboarding Checklist

What are the benefits of using WalkMe?

The guided walkthroughs are available at anytime and give all users orientation and provides navigational support. 

You can start your set up straight away or at anytime using the 'Get Started' Checklist.


How do I access WalkMe?

The WalkMe Menu can be accessed from the mceclip2.png button located at the top right of the NowInfinity website.



How do I use WalkMe?

You can use WalkMe to complete your onboarding checklist or for general help. 

  • To complete your onboarding:

The 'Get Started' section of the Menu provides a list of onboarding tasks to complete. Click on a task to start the navigation. 



When a task is completed, you will receive a 'Congratulations' message. Clicking on the 'Done' button will take you back to the Menu, so you can continue and complete the other tasks. 



Completed tasks are marked with a green tick to help you track your progress.



  • General Help 

Click on the 'Help' section of the Menu to access other walkthroughs. 


You can also use the search function to look for walkthroughs or search our extensive Knowledge Base.



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