How to send an Annual Statement

This article will assist in sending annual statements out to your clients in a step by step process.

1   Select how to send the annual statement

There are 3 ways of sending annual statements to your clients; via Email, Electronic Signing or Download .eml   

  • Via Email

Navigate to Menu > Corporate Messenger > Annual Statements > click on the company name. An email is sent from your outgoing email address to your client. The annual statement documentation is attached to the email for your client to review and sign.


Note: Select the email option if your client does not wish to use electronic signature or is not familiar with e-technology. Alternatively, if your client does not have an email address you can always download the documentation and send it to them via post or get them to sign it at your office. Click here to download the documents:


  1. Select the recipient in the 'Send to' drop-down box.
  2. Enter the email address of the recipient under 'Email' field.
  3. Add a preferred name under the 'Preferred name' field (optional).
  4. Enter a phone number if you wish to set up text message reminders (optional).
  5. You can choose to cc one or more people under 'Copy to' field.
    To cc the Account Manager assigned to the company, click the Account Manager icon on the very right of the ‘Copy to’ field. This will prefill the Account Manager’s email.
  • Via Electronic Signing

Select "Electronic Signing":


Enter a preferred name (optional), an email address and a phone number (optional but needed if you wish to set up text messages reminders) for each signatory.


You can choose to add a message under “Message for recipients” which would be included in the email template under @customtext


When the documents are sent for signing, each signatory will have a signing status.


  • Via Download eml (Outlook)

Click on Download .eml to send the Annual Statement documentation via Outlook.

The files are downloaded and automatically uploaded into an email created in your Outlook account.



 2   Attach a file (optional)

When sending the annual statement via email or electronic signing, you have the option to attach a file such as your own invoice.


3   Schedule reminders

Default settings for reminders are available in your Product Settings. The date and type of reminders can be amended on a case by case basis when sending the annual statement to your client.


Click on the 'pen' icon to edit the date and the type of reminders (email, text message, or both).

To remove a reminder, click on the 'bin' icon.


Select the recipient for the reminder and enter their email address (if it isn't already pre-filled).

You can choose to cc one or more people under the ‘Copy to’ field.

Enter your client’s mobile number if you have selected text message as a reminder type.


Note: Clicking on ‘send’ triggers the reminders except for the download .eml option (Outlook). In this case, reminders are triggered by clicking on download .eml.


Note: Reminders will only go out automatically to your client if you have selected the automatic option under your Product settings - Menu > Product Settings > Reminders.

Further information on setting up reminders can be found via this link.



4   Send documents and signing status.

When you have selected how to send the Annual Statement documentation, attached a file (optional) and scheduled the reminders, click 'send'.


  • If sent via electronic signing, the signing status will automatically update to 'Signed' when the signing process is completed.


  • If sent via email or download eml (outlook) a 'confirm signing' button will appear for you to manually confirm once the documentation has been signed. Upload the signed documents.




After signing is confirmed, the annual statement is marked as ‘Paper signed’ and uploaded files are added to the list of documents found in the documentation page.  

5   Preview option

Click on the 'preview button' to preview the email notification sent to your client when sending the annual statement documentation.


To edit email templates, go to Menu > Product Settings > Email templates.

Further information is available on our article on how to customise email templates. 




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