How to access an ASIC electronic invoice


How can I access an ASIC electronic invoice?


ASIC invoices are accessible from either the Company Profile or the Notification Centre.

Note: NowInfinity will send a notification email when an invoice is received in the Notification Centre. The recipient can be updated from Menu > Corporate Messenger > Product settings > Document settings > Invoice and can either be an Account Manager, Primary Contact or ASIC Contact.


Company Profile

  1. Navigate to Menu > Corporate Messenger > Companies > select "See Full Profile" against the corresponding Company.
  2. Under the heading Recent Documents, select the Company Name from the Invoice Statement entry
  3. Download the Invoice Statement from Documents Available located on the left


Notification Centre

  1. Navigate to Menu > Corporate Messenger > Notification Centre
  2. Select ASIC Invoices tab from the leftNC_S2.png
  3. Locate the Invoice Statement notification from the list
    • Selecting the All tab if it is not a new invoice
    • The list can be refined by using the search box in the top right
    • For invoices more than one month old, expand the date range from the top right
  4. Select "Expand" from the bottom of the notification
  5. Download the Invoice Statement located at the bottom of the notification
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