What is Corporate Messenger?

Corporate Messenger is NowInfinity’s corporate compliance solution for managing companies at scale.

It couldn’t be easier to handle all of your ASIC compliance including annual statements, debt reminders, and all other lodgement documents.

Key Benefits

  • Stay on top of late fees. Proactively track debts across all client companies to reduce late fees.
  • Remain efficient. Stay one step ahead of ASIC on compliance to avoid unnecessary complications.
  • Proactively manage lodgement status. Effectively track the lodgement status of all your companies.
  • Save time and money. Eliminate repetitive data entry. Avoid human error in form filling.
  • Personalise your comms. Enhance your client relationships. Personalise and automate your outgoing communications with your branding and customised templates.
  • Streamline your workflows. Implement streamlined workflows so that you save time. Leverage efficiencies to scale your business.


Annual statement automation
Our daily sync with ASIC puts annual statements at your finger tips. Stay one step ahead.

Debt reporting
Proactively manage your client’s company debt and always have a clear picture of who owes what and when.

ASIC forms
All relevant forms at your fingertips and available in a simple template. NowInfinity will also pre-fill your ASIC forms with available information to simplify and speed up administration tasks.

Bulk company changes
Make changes to companies in bulk. For example an address change. Save money and time!

Historical timeline views
With a personalised timeline automatically created for each company, you will always have a clear view of what has happened over time.

Automate client follow up
Use email and text messaging channels to communicate to your clients for things such as e-signature reminders and document updates.

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