Activating Corporate Messenger


How do I complete the initial set-up of Corporate Messenger details?


The settings for Corporate Messenger can be updated by a user with administrator privileges by navigating to Menu > Corporate Messenger > Product Settings > ASIC Parameters.


  • If "Product Settings" is not shown then you do not have administrator privileges. These can be enabled by an existing administrator following How do I set up User permissions?
  • If "ASIC Parameters" is not showing, the Corporate Messenger module has not been added or enabled on your subscription. Contact your Implementation Consultant to enable the module (or the Account Management team on if you do not have one).

The following three fields require completion:

  1. ASIC Agent Number
  2. EDGE Username
  3. EDGE Password

EDGE credentials are required to use NowInfinity. If you do not have an EDGE username and password, you will need to apply to ASIC for these. Click here for instructions on how to do this. 


Once all fields are completed, click "Save".

NowInfinity will automatically lodge an RA61 (Companies list request) to import from ASIC, all Companies associated with your ASIC agent number. Once the RA61 is accepted by ASIC, NowInfinity will lodge an RA71 (Request for Company Details) for each Company.



Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for the ASIC import to be completed?

Once Corporate Messenger is activated, it will take up to 48 hours to import your companies’ information from ASIC, refresh the companies’ debts, and receive the current annual statements.
Note: Delays may occur if the ASIC EDGE password is not provided or requires a reset, or if ASIC is experiencing delays.

Can we have multiple agent numbers?
A NowInfinity account can only have one ASIC agent number associated with it.
If you would like to import companies from multiple ASIC agent numbers on NowInfinity, request further information from your Implementation Consultant.


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