How to resolve “You don't have access to connect to any Xero Practice Manager Accounts” Error when connecting NowInfinity to XPM


I am trying to connect NowInfinity to XPM and getting the error message:

         You don't have access to connect any Xero Practice Manager Accounts




This error means the Xero login you are trying to use to connect the integration does not have Administrator access. The "Authorised 3rd Party Full Access" is only given to those Xero users with Administrator access.



Follow the steps below in your Xero account to resolve this issue:

Step 1: Check if you have Administrator access

  1. Login to your Xero account
  2. Go to Business
  3. Select settingsmceclip1.png
  1. Select Staff
  2. Click your name or the name of the person connecting the integration
  3. Scroll down to Admin Privileges


(a) If you or the person trying to connect the integration does not have Administrator access, grant the access first and save. Then refresh the page so API Access Privilege will become available to be ticked.

(b) If Administrator is ticked, check if the API Access Privileges is also ticked. if not, tick the box for the API privilege and save


Please also note the following regarding the Xero user privileges:



  1. You may now proceed with the integration to NowInfinity
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