Adding entities created on NowInfinity to Xero Practice Manager

Once a Company, Trust or SMSF has been created on NowInfinity, you can add this entity to your Xero Practice Manager.

Please note: Ensure that you have connected NowInfinity with XPM under your Portal Settings. To see how to connect the two platforms please see article "Connection to Xero Practice Manager".

When the documentation for the entity has been received, click on Xero Practice Manager/HQ under Integrations.


Alternatively, to access this page click on MENU > COMPLETED DOCUMENT > Search for the entity’s name > Click on the name to open the documentation.

1) Select the entities to copy to XPM

Click on the dropdown box and select whether you would like to copy:

  • All entities created in this order including the Trust/Company plus each individuals or companies associated with this entity.
  • All entities excluding the individuals
  • The Trust/Company only.


2) Choose whether or not you would like to create a group in XPM, add the entities to an existing group, or to a new group.


3) Tick this box to create relations in XPM.


4) Click on Push Clients to XPM/HQ to copy the entities to XPM/HQ as per your above selections.


5) There is an additional option to also copy the documents created for this entity to XPM

To copy the documents, click on Push Documents to XPM.  


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