Non-Lapsing Binding Death Benefit Nomination


Can I generate a ''Non-Lapsing'' Binding Death Benefit Nomination (BDBN) on NowInfinity?


In short, yes. You can generate a non-lapsing BDBN on our platform.


NOTE: The following message will appear when you click into the BDBN document form - 



The warning states inter alia that we cannot guarantee the BDBN will be non-lapsing. This is because the BDBN our platform produces does not state a period of lapsing. It is dependent on the terms of your client's SMSF Deed as to whether it allows for lapsing or non-lapsing. 

For example, the NowInfinity SMSF Deed does allow for both lapsing and non-lapsing. It therefore falls on the power of the trustee to apply whichever is appropriate,, where applicable, under the relevant law. 


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