How to Access the Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangement (LRBA) Suite on NowInfinity

The LRBA Suite service will provide for the establishment of the Holding (i.e. Bare, Property) Trust and the relevant LRBA (Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangement) documents.

The template can be accessed from Menu > Create Document > Loans > LRBA Suite:


Within the LRBA suite, you can select from one of the following options:

  • New Holding Trust and LRBA;
  • Amending Existing Agreement;
  • LRBA Refinancing with Existing Lender; or
  • LRBA Refinancing with New Lender.

Further information

Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangement (LRBA) and Bare / Holding Trusts

Bare / Holding Trust FAQs

What documents are included in the LRBA Suite?


Note: This article provides only general information and is not to be relied on as legal advice. Due to the complexity involved with LRBAs, we recommend that you engage with a licensed specialist/professional to assist in its set up in order to ensure its compliance with the tax and superannuation borrowing rules. 


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