How to create a SMSF Holding / Bare Trust in NowInfinity


How do I create a SMSF Holding/Bare Trust in NowInfinity?


1. Go to Menu > Create Documents > SMSF Holding Trust


2. Enter the Name of the Trust and select either Corporate or Individual as the Holding Trustee.


Once the relevant Holding Trustee type is selected, the form will open up further entry fields for the user to complete the trustee's details.


If 'Corporate' is selected, the following details are required:

  • Company Name

  • ACN

  • Registered Address

  • Director/s

  • Director/s Residential Address/s


If 'Individual' is selected, the following is required:

  • Individual's Name/s

  • Individual's Residential Address/s


3. Once the Trustee's details have been entered click "Next Step".

4. Add the following details for each Member of the SMSF:

  • Member/s Name/s

  • Residential Address/s

  • Date of Birth

Click "Next Step".



5. Enter the Asset to be acquired (e.g. address details for the property). Then click "Next Step".



6. Should you wish to order a Slimline or Hard Copy select one of the printing options or click "Next Step".


7. Click on "Preview" to double check the information that has been entered. This can also be sent to a client to sign off that all information is correct. You can then click "Complete" to complete the form and generate the documents.


8. You will then be brought to the Collaboration page which includes the documents generated from the interview form.


Documents included for the SMSF Holding/Bare Trust are:

a. Product Disclosure Statement (LRBA PDS);

b. Holding Trust Deed Of Establishment (Includes Minutes of Trustee)




Further Information

Holding / Bare Trust FAQs


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