What to do if NowInfinity is Stamping your Deed

Note: NowInfinity is acting as an agent on behalf of the relevant state revenue offices and the deed is stamped on their behalf in line with their respective terms and conditions.

Trust deed documents available for stamping via NowInfinity

  • Discretionary Trust
  • Discretionary Trusts (Capital Reserved Lineal Descendant)
  • Discretionary Trusts (Fully Reserved Lineal Descendants)
  • Fixed Unit Trust
  • NSW Land tax Unit Trust

What to do if NowInfinity is Stamping your Deed

Below is a list of what we need to proceed with stamping the deed(s). Any missing information may cause delays in the stamping process. We recommend you read this carefully and thoroughly.

Step 1:  The (unbound) trust deed(s) needs to be signed by all parties and dated.

      • If you requested counterpart copies be stamped, they must also be signed by all parties and dated the same date as the original deed. ($10 duty per stamped counterpart applies in NSW and there is no charge in Vic).
      • If you require more copies to be stamped than were provided with your choice of presentation, you will need to print the required number of additional copies. ALL DEEDS to be stamped MUST be signed by ALL PARTIES.

Step 2:  Ensure the following supporting documents are provided to us

There are different requirements for NSW and VIC.


Individual Trustees:

  • The Office of State Revenue in NSW requires certified ID of the Trustee. For individual trustees, certified copies for each Trustee are required eg Birth Certificate, Drivers Licence, Passport, foreign passport and visa to enter into Australia, firearms licence, proof of age card or Australian Citizenship Certificate are acceptable.
  • The certification must say, “I certify that I have sighted the original document and this is a true copy of it.” It must be certified by one of the following:
      • Legal practitioner
      • Licensed conveyancer
      • Justice of the Peace (JP}
      • Certified practicing accountant
      • Chartered Accountant
      • Magistrate
      • Officer of the Office of State Revenue (OSR)
      • Public notary
      • Commissioner of Declarations
      • Member of Parliament, Police officer
      • Pharmacist
      • Minister of Religion
      • Medical Practitioner
      • Dentist
      • Veterinary practitioner
  • Send the individual’s certified ID to NowInfinity with the signed deed(s). DO NOT SEND ORIGINAL IDENTIFICATION DOCUMENTS.

Corporate Trustees:

  • NowInfinity will confirm the company name and ACN through an ASIC National Names Index search. There is no need to send certified ID for corporate trustees.


Stamp Duty Declaration:

  • The Stamp Duty Declaration needs to be signed and dated by the Trustee and returned to NowInfinity with the signed deed(s).
  • As the deed must be stamped within 30 days of execution or late lodgment interest will be applied, you need to ensure the documents are returned to us within three weeks of the execution date.

Step 3:  Return the documents to NowInfinity


  • New South Wales deeds need to be original "wet signed".
  • Return the full ORIGINAL executed deed (and copies if required), and the supporting documents (as per the above list) using the Reply Paid address:

Reply Paid 88340

  • If you ordered the electronic presentation, please package and return to the Reply Paid address.


  • VIC State Revenue Office (VIC SRO) accepts either the original "wet signed" and dated deed(s) or the electronic copies of the signed and dated deed(s)
  • Return the full executed deed (and copies if required), and the supporting documents (as per the above list), using the Reply Paid address:

    Reply Paid 88340

    Note: If you have an electronically signed copy of the deed, you are welcome to email this to us instead, however you will receive an electronic copy back of the stamped deed, not a hard copy.

STEP 4: Stamping of the deed(s)

On receipt of the deed(s) we will stamp with NSW Office of State Revenue (NSW OSR) or Victorian State Revenue Office (VIC SRO), as nominated by the Jurisdiction in your order.


  • There is no longer a requirement to endorse instruments using a duty stamp. An issued Duties Notice of Assessment will display a Duties Assessment Number (DAN). The DAN will be written on the first operative page of the deed(s).
  • The VIC SRO requires funds to be cleared before they will issue the Certificate of Stamping. This will delay the return of the stamped deed to you by 2-3 days.

Step 5:  After stamping

NowInfinity will bind the Stamped Deeds (if printing had been ordered) and return to your office. If printing was not ordered for the document, the documents will be returned to you un-bound. 
For VIC Deeds, if the signed deed was emailed to us, you will receive an electronic copy back of the stamped deed.

You can refer to our article for instructions on How to order stamping for Trusts.

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