What is Trust Register?

Trust Register allows the creation of trust related documents, including establishment, issue, cancel, transfer of, appointment and removal of trustees, vesting and other trust administration processes in an efficient and streamlined way.

Key Benefits

  • Save time. Save time wasted sorting through files or spreadsheets. Let NowInfinity do the tedious tasks, like adding available trust information into document templates for you.
  • Mitigate your risk. Reduce your liability risk when it comes to changes made to your trusts which may affect stamp duty or CGT – by tracking all your changes in one central location and being one step ahead of compliance.
  • Be efficient. Let NowInfinity do the heavy lifting for you. All future changes made to a trust will automatically be added to your trusts profile and register.
  • Trust Timeline. Trust Register will create a personalised timeline for every trust where you can easily see a snapshot of all historical changes made. You also have the ability to upload and store any other documents to this timeline, creating a true repository.
  • Document Repository. Standardise the documents you use to maintain your client’s trust structures. Get easy access to maintenance documents for each trust, which are all included in the per trust fee.
  • Grow Your Revenue. Keep on top of your overheads with one yearly fee for each trust, including maintenance documents such as trust distribution resolutions.
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