What data is transmitted to ASIC during a 484 Form lodgement?


What information is transmitted to ASIC during a Form 484 lodgement?


A Form 484 Change to Company Details, is used to transmit updated company information to ASIC from within NowInfinity.

A Form 484 can be created within the Company Profile (Menu > Corporate Messenger > Companies > open Company Profile), then submitted for lodgement with ASIC.

The following changes can be notified to ASIC on a Form 484:

  • Change to company addresses
  • Change of name of officeholder or member
  • Change Ultimate Holding Company
  • Commence or Cease as a Special Purpose Company
  • Appointment and Cessation of company officeholders
  • Issue of shares
  • Cancellation of shares
  • Transfer of shares

Other data transmitted to ASIC during a Form 484 lodgement includes:

  • Company name and ACN 
  • Date of Appointment/Change 
  • Declaration by nominated company officerholder that the information on the Form is true and complete

Once the Form has been accepted by ASIC, the company record in NowInfinity will be updated with the latest information.


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