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The date of signature field has been introduced on the collaboration page for both manual as well as electronic signed forms. The date of signature is prefilled once the ASIC Form has been e-signed or marked as signed before lodging the ASIC forms. The date of signature or signing date is the date on which the ASIC form was signed by the authorised officeholder and is a mandatory inclusion for ASIC Forms submitted to ASIC.

Why is the Date of Signature required?

The date of signature is a mandatory field that needs to be transmitted to ASIC to record the specific date on which the authorised officeholder signs the ASIC form. This information is essential for ASIC's record-keeping and ensures transparency and accuracy in the submission process.

Does this change any process for the user?

As a result of the inclusion of the Date of Signature field users may notice some changes to aspects of the lodgement process.

  • Electronic Signatures: If users choose to sign the form electronically on the collaboration page, the Date of Signature is automatically recorded and populated under the lodgement section of the collaboration page.

  • Users can simply click the "Lodge" button to complete the submission process.


  • Manual Signatures (Paper Signing): For forms that are manually signed, users can navigate to the "Integrations" section on the collaboration page and click on the "Paper Signing" column.

Here, the user can enter the date on which the authorised officeholder wet-signed the ASIC Form. This date will also be populated in the lodgement section of the collaboration page.


When the user clicks on the paper signing button they can upload a copy of the wet-signed form and enter the date on which it was signed.


  • Lodgement Section: The date entered in the paper signing field will be automatically populated in the corresponding field in the lodgement section.

How does this Date of signature affect the Auto Lodgement of documents?

Understanding how the Date of Signature influences the Auto Lodgement process is important for users who opt for automated submissions through product settings. In this context, the Date of Signature refers to the date when the authorised officeholder electronically signs the ASIC form.

Auto-Lodgement Process:

  • When all the signatories sign the documents relating to the ASIC form, the date on which the authorised officeholder has signed is submitted as the date of signature on the ASIC form.

    Even if the authorised officeholder signs the form, the system will not lodge it until all the other directors have signed. This sequential signing process ensures a complete and fully authorised submission. 

Date Validations

Please be aware there are some validations in place for the date entered into Date of Signature field and error messages will appear (see sample screenshot below) based on the following conditions:

  1. The date of signature cannot be earlier than the date of company registration

  2. If the date of change (effective date) on the form is later than the date the form was signed: ‘Effective date cannot be later than date signed’
  3. If the format of the date of signature is invalid: ‘The format of the date is not valid’

  4. If the Date of Signature is after current date: ‘Date of Signature cannot be in future'

  5. When signing date is before the form creation date: ‘Date of Signature cannot be before the form creation date'
  6. If lodging a signed form after 6 months of signing:  ‘Electronic lodgements must be within 6 months of date of signing’



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