Suppressed Address


What does it mean if a form is rejected due to "Suppressed Address"?


When registering a Company, as a Director, Secretary or Shareholder, it is a requirement to provide ASIC details of a residential address. The address forms part of ASIC's public database and is therefore available to the public. In certain circumstances, it is possible to apply to ASIC for approval to have a usual residential address suppressed on their public database and, in its place, to use an alternative address (under s205D of the Corporations Act 2001). When applying for this suppression via ASIC, you are able to use any other residential address in its replacement (including a business address). 

If the form is rejected due to the use of a suppressed address, the 201 Company Registration will need to be posted to ASIC for lodgement with original signature/s.


Should you wish to un-suppress the address you can contact 1300 300 630 to speak with ASIC directly.

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