Payment reminders being voided


Why are my payment reminders being voided without the void button being clicked?


There are some instances within the NowInfinity system that will cause a payment reminder to be automatically voided. Below are some of the instances where payment reminders will be automatically voided:

  1. If the debt within a Company was paid after the reminders were created and $0 debt was received in the RA68 form (debt report), the system will void these payment reminders automatically and they won't be sent out to the billing contact.
  2. If the debt within a Company was paid and the system notes there has been credit received, for now, the system won’t void the reminders. While that is the case the reminders will still be sent to the billing contact with a credit balance. If you wish to void the envelope click here.
  3. When the debt has appeared again for a Company until the date the payment reminders have been sent, the system will activate the voided reminders as soon as the debt re-appeared.
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