How to edit Unit Allotments


How can I edit Unit Allotments?



To edit the Unit Structure manually, follow the steps below

  1. From the Trust Profile, change the "View" to "Units"2021-07-23_21h32_47.png
  2. Select "Update Trust Details" 2021-07-23_21h34_01.png
  3. Enter a brief description of the change you are making, and press Continue mceclip3.png
  4. Expand the Allotment you wish to make the changes to, by clicking the + button 2021-07-23_21h35_04.png
  5. Once expanded you can edit the allotment, by using the edit pencils in each column, delete by using the bin icon or "Add Item" button to add an additional row of Units 2021-07-23_21h36_04.png
  6. Once you have made the required changes, press "Save Changes" 2021-07-23_21h37_10.png
  7. Once you've completed the amendments, press "Finish Update" from the top right of the Trust Profile  2021-07-23_21h43_07.png
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