How to edit Unit Allotments


How can I edit Unit Allotments?


To edit the Unit Structure manually, follow the steps below

  1. Navigate to Menu > Trust Register > Trusts
    2023-01-31_14h44_56 (1).png2023-01-31_14h48_51 (1).png
  2. Once in the Trust Profile select "Update Trust Details"2023-01-31_14h50_26 (1).png
  3. 3. Enter a brief explanation of the changes you are making, this will be recorded under the Trust Timeline.2023-01-31_14h51_20 (1).png
  4. The "Update Trust Details" button will now appear as "Finish Update". Select "Main" and open the "Units" page.2023-01-31_14h52_33 (1).png
  5. Scroll down and select the blue plus of the Unitholder you wish to edit.
    2023-01-31_14h54_191 (1).png2023-01-31_14h54_19 (1).png
  6. To edit the unit amounts, paid and unpaid amounts, units certificate numbers or the issue dates select the grey pencil icons.

Note: The profile only allows for full unit amounts, no decimal amounts. (e.g accepted amount: 12346 not accepted amount: 1234.50)

  1. 2023-01-31_14h56_56 (1).png
  2. Should you wish to add an additional allotment to the Unitholder select 'Add Item'.2023-01-31_15h01_48 (1).png 2023-01-31_14h56_561 (1).png
  3. This will add another row which you can enter the figures into using the grey pencil icons as see in step 6. 2023-01-31_15h03_00 (1).png
  4. Once you have made the required changes, press "Save Changes".2023-01-31_15h04_01 (1).png
  5. Once you've completed the amendments, select "Finish Update" from the top right of the Trust Profile.
    2023-01-31_15h05_16 (1).png

Note: Should you wish to add unit transactions you will need to contact our support team.

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