'Change of Name' of Trust - Why isn't a new deed generated?


Why isn't there a new deed generated after changing the name of the trust?


The Deed of Change of Trust Name and related Minutes, produced as part of the 'Change of Name' document service, are ancillary documents that accompany the original Trust Deed. These ancillary documents will suffice in addressing and evidencing the change of trust name. The same logic applies, for example, to Deeds of Appointment/Retirement when you appoint or remove/retire Trustees - i.e. there is no need to change the Deed to reflect the change (this would be somewhat akin to changing a Constitution each time a shareholder is changed). 

However, we also understand that sometimes third parties, such as banks, have their own internal policies requiring a "new deed" that reflects the name change - if this is the case, email legal@nowinfinity.com.au and our legal services provider can assist with drafting the relevant documentation on a fee-for-service basis. 



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