How to edit the Contact Information in Trust profiles

For more information, please refer to the instructions below:

Navigate to the main Menu and select "Trust" under the Trust Register heading.

Within the Trust profile, you can record the client contact for the specific Trust. The client contact is the person responsible for the Trust correspondence. This contact is optional. To complete this section, scroll down to the "Contact Information" section on the Trust profile, and select "Edit":



If the contact is one of the Trustees or Director of the Corporate Trustee, their name will automatically be available in the "Name" drop down. After selecting the name from the drop-down box, all of the information available for this person will be automatically pre-filled. Missing information can be manually entered and saved.

If the Billing Contact is not a Trustee or Director of the Corporate Trustee, their information can be added manually and saved.

Tip: If the Billing Contact is the same as the Signing Contact, tick "Billing Contact is the same" to save entering the information twice.


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