How to share Trust information between NowInfinity and Class


How to push Trust information from NowInfinity to Class?


To use this functionality you need to ensure your Class account is integrated into your NowInfinity account. Click here for instructions to do this. 

The feature is only available for:

  • Discretionary Trust
  • Discretionary Trust (Capital Reserved Lineal Descendant)
  • Discretionary Trust (Fully Reserved Lineal Descendants)
  1. Once the Trust is established, navigate to the collaboration page (Menu > Completed Documents > Search for and click the Trust Name)
  2. Click the "Class" Integration:

  3. Complete the following:
    • Trust Code
    • Trust Type – choose which trust type to use. Choices are:
    1. Discretionary Trust (Investment)
    2. Discretionary Trust (Service)
    3. Discretionary Trust (Trading)
    • Trust GST Status – choices are the following:
    1. Not GST registered
    2. GST registered
    • Salutation for the contacts

The below information will be pushed to Class:

If the Trustee is Individual:

  • Name of Trust
  • Jurisdiction
  • Trustee type
  • Name and address of individual Trustees
  • Name and address of the Beneficiaries

If the Trustee is Corporate:

  • Name of Trust
  • Jurisdiction
  • Trustee type
  • Name, ACN and address of the Corporate Trustee
  • Name and address of the Director/s of the Corporate Trustee
  • Name and address of all the Beneficiaries 
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