Establishing a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF)


NowInfinity provides an extensive list of Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF)-related documents, including the SMSF Establishment Deed. These documents can be found in the Create Documents page (navigate to Menu > Documents > Create Documents).

There are two types of SMSF establishment services: 

  • SMSF Deed of Establishment – Use this document to establish an SMSF with Individual Trustees or where the Corporate Trustee has already been created
  • SMSF Establishment with Special Purpose Corporate Trustee – Use this to establish both an SMSF and the Corporate Trustee



SMSF Deed of Establishment 

1. The 'Fund Details' tab:


2. The 'Trustee' tab - Fill in details for either a Corporate Trustee or Individual Trustee/s


3. 'Members' Details


4. 'Legal Review' - if you are not 100% confident or you are not engaging a solicitor or relevant adviser for their review, it is highly recommended that you add on legal review to your order


Additional NowInfinity SMSF Establishment features we think you will love 

  • Ability to pre-fill information e.g. member name/address, using an available integration with a practice management system e.g. Xero Practice Manager (XPM) or GreatSoft, or information previously entered in NowInfinity;
  • The option to open a Bank Account and online trading account with Macquarie Bank at the time of establishing the SMSF;
  • The option to set up an ABN/TFN for the registered Company and TFN for SMSF;
  • Class Super integration allows you to easily set up the SMSF in Class for ongoing administration;
  • Users on a subscription package have the additional feature to add the fund to Super Comply, enabling them to easily access and create SMSF legal/non-legal documents (Trust Deed Upgrade, Investment Strategy) as required without having to re-key information to create the document;
  • Ability to send Special Purpose Company formation documents for electronic signing, speeding up the process to establish the SMSF.

Some of the integration options described above can be accessed from the Collaboration page and are accessible once the SMSF establishment order has been completed.



Further Information

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