How to establish a new Fund in Super Comply

You can establish a new Fund in NowInfinity via the Main Menu or via the Actions menu in the Fund Register. 

1. Establishing a new Fund from the Main Menu

Navigate to Menu > Super Comply > select the "Establish a Fund" button. 


2. Establishing a new Fund via the Fund List

Navigate Menu > Super Comply > Funds > select "Actions" > "Establish a New Fund".2023-11-29_10h31_22.png


Both options will redirect you to the SMSF Establishment document interview form where you can enter the necessary information to create the SMSF Establishment documents. 

The interview form will require you to enter the Fund details, Trustee details and the Member details. 

Fund Details


Trustee Details (Corporate and Individual)


Member Details


After completing the form, you will be redirected to the Collaboration page where you can add the Fund to Super Comply.


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