NowInfinity Customer Portal

Our Customer Portal is a secure, personalised hub for customers to submit and manage their support requests. This feature allows customers to create new support requests, check the status of open support requests and create follow up requests on solved tickets.

The visibility of Practice or Account requests is currently unavailable. Consequently, users are only able to view their own requests.

How can I access my Customer Portal?

How to search and sort support requests?

How to access specific support information and reply to specific support request?

How can I submit new request from the Customer Portal?

How to create a follow-up ticket for a solved support request?


How can I access my Customer Portal?

Step 1

Log in to NowInfinity and click on NowInfinity Help Button (question mark icon) on the right-hand side of the page and select "Help Centre".


Step 2

Click on "You need to sign in to view this page", it will automatically log you into the portal. 


Step 3

Once logged in to the "Help Center" page, click the drop-down arrow next to your username to access ‘My Activities’, ’Submit a request’ and "Sign Out".


Step 4

On the "My Activities" page, you can view all your historical tickets raised to support with each of the respective statuses.


Each status represents the following:

  • Open: Indicates a ticket has been assigned to an agent and is in progress. You can view all open tickets using the Open ticket’s view.
  • Awaiting your reply: Indicates the agent is pending a response from the requester. You can view all pending tickets using the Pending ticket’s view. When the requester responds and a new comment is added, the ticket status is automatically reverted back to Open.
  • Solved: Indicates the agent has submitted a solution and the ticket has been closed.

How to search and sort support requests ?

Step 1

You can search for a specific ticket by inserting details in the "Search requests" field: 


Step 2

You can sort the tickets by selecting the relevant status from the drop-down under "Status": 


How to access support request information and reply to specific support requests?

Click on the "Subject" to check the support request details and responses received from a Customer Service Team Member.


You can also simply reply to the team member directly from the Customer Portal.


How can I submit a new request from the Customer Portal?

Step 1

On the "My activities" page, click on "New Request" to raise a new support request: 


Step 2

Once you have clicked on "New Request" it will open a form to fill and submit. You can choose the related product (eg Corporate Messenger, Documentation Suite, Trust Register, Super Comply or General Enquiry) and complete the relevant fields such as Subject and Description prior to submitting your request. You will then see the status as Open.

Note: After submitting the request you may see help article suggestions. You can click "No, I need help" to close the pop-up window.


How to create a follow-up ticket for a solved support request?

If a follow-up ticket is required on any solved cases, you will need to click on the solved ticket and click the hyper link displayed as <create a follow up>. This automatically links the original ticket number previously solved, to a new follow up request with a new ticket reference number.



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