How to use Knowledge Base

NowInfinity has a strong and growing Knowledge Base, which makes it easier and quicker to find the information you need, at your own pace.

The Knowledge Base can be accessed by clicking here via the NowInfinity website, alternatively it can be accessed through the Menu page, when you are logged into NowInfinity:



Use the search bar to search for terms or phrases related to the subject. Article suggestions will be displayed and can be selected to view:



Alternatively, every product has a related Category which can be selected, to view all related articles:


From within an article, we encourage you to share articles you may like on social media:



You can also help us build on our content, by giving the article thumbs up or thumbs down feedback:



A list of related articles will display at the bottom of the page:



If you still require assistance, you are welcome to submit a request on the main page of the Knowledge Base, and one of our team will assist you further:






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