Importing Historical Data from MYOB

NowInfinity offers a historical data import service for clients migrating from MYOB, this service can only be utilised if you are subscribed to our Corporate Messenger Service.

In order to import your historical data from MYOB, please provide your MYOB AE and MYOB Corporate Compliance database snapshots. It may be best to have your IT team to assist you with this process. Please inform your Implementation Consultant that you would like to proceed with a historical data import from MYOB.

To import historical data from MYOB, please complete the following steps.

  1. Contact your Implementation Consultant to advise you are ready for historical data import.
  2. Your Implementation Consultant will send you a secure login to transfer your files
  3. Extract backups of Microsoft SQL Databases.
    Please note, all the corporate history and documents are stored in CorporateCompliance database, which is different from AE. The AE (main) database is required to do the contacts imports. See this video on How-To: Backup a Database Using SQL Server Management Studio 
  4. Log into your secure file sharing service (provided by NowInfinity)
  5. Drag and drop these backups onto the browser window
  6. Your files will be transferred to our Transitions Team
  7. Confirm with the Implementation Consultant that you have completed the steps above
  8. Transitions Team will confirm that your historical data import request has been received and will book your historical data import in after hours
  9. Once the historical data import is complete, Transitions Team will confirm the import is complete and provide a discrepancy report with instructions on How to resolve discrepancies on the Discrepancy Report

Frequently Asked Questions

What is imported?

• Share transactions

• Documents (all that have been lodged)

• Ceased officeholders

How long will the transition take?

A Transitions team member will be allocated within 48 hours from when the historical data files are received. As the historical data import will be processed after business hours, this can take up to 5-10 business days. 



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