Getting Started with Transitions

NowInfinity offer Transitions services for any Subscription clients that will be activating the Corporate Messenger service, we currently offer Historical Data Imports for three different sources this article introduces our best practice and guides you through the recommended steps for your Transition.


Steps when using NowInfinity Transitions Team

Steps Articles & Sections What They Include

Get Started

Welcome to NowInfinity (article) This article runs through a series of best practice answers to most commonly asked questions relating to planning your transition.

Confirm you are eligible for Historical Data Import

Transferring your Historical Data (Section)

We currently offer transitional services for clients coming from;

Review Discrepancy Report

How to resolve discrepancies on the Discrepancy Report (article) Takes you through the steps of reviewing your transitioned entities and ensuring that Opening Balances are correct.



Can I email you my data?

We strongly recommend you should not send client information via email. We recommend you talk to your onboarding specialist to receive a log-in to our secure data transferring platform.

Can the transitions team load my Trusts to Trust Register?

Please note Trust Register is only available for full subscription clients.

The transitions team will load your trusts to trust register if the trusts are in the files provided from your outgoing software we recommend you review the files in Transferring your Historical Data (Section) to ensure that this is eligble. We do not offer a service of manually loading your trusts to trust please follow steps in article How to import Trust on Trust Register

Can the transitions team load my SMSFs to SuperComply?

Please note SuperComply is only available for full subscription clients.

The transitions team will not load SMSFs to your SuperComply unless your outgoing software allows for this please see Transferring your Historical Data (Section).

For more information please see Importing Funds into SuperComply for more information 

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