NowInfinity System Status

The purpose of the NowInfinity System Status page is to provide transparency and reassurance to NowInfinity users about outages or scheduled maintenance. The System Status page also provides insights into the seamless operation of other services and applications,  such as ASIC connection and Support sites. 

How do we access the NowInfinity System Status?

Step 1 

Log into NowInfinity and click on the NowInfinity Help Button (question mark icon) on the right-hand side of the page and select "Help Centre".


Step 2 

Select the "System Status" tile on the help center page, it will navigate you to the System Status page. 


Step 3 

On the NowInfinity System Status page you will have access to view the status on all core applications such as electronic signing, document generation, ASIC connection and other support services followed by past incidents.

Here are the different statuses and definitions:

Operational: Everything is working as expected.

Partial Outage: The incident has a partial impact on the component or multiple components. Any kind of intermittent or performance problems which only affect some customers tend to be classified in this category.

Degraded Performance: The incident has minimal or no customer or business impact. There may be some performance degradation.

Major Outage: The incident has a significant impact in some way to one or multiple services.

Under Maintenance: Maintenance is being performed on the indicated component.

Apps/Services Description

NowInfinity - Core Application & Services

Checks if a user can log in and get to browse business page

Electronic signing

Checks if Docusign API is working and accessible 

Document Merge

Checks if document generation service is working and accessible

Macquarie Integration

Checks Macquarie Bank integration service is working and accessible

Payment Gateway

Checks payment gateway service  is working and accessible

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