NowInfinity e-Signature Solution Terms of Usage Disclaimer


By using the e-Signature Solution provided by NowInfinity you acknowledge and agree that:

  • The e-Signature Solution is a functionality provided by NowInfinity to you on the condition that you seek and obtain independent legal advice from appropriately qualified external practitioners before using it;
  • Your use of the e-Signature Solution is at your own risk;
  • NowInfinity do not purport to provide you with any legal, tax or financial advice relating to your use of the e-Signature Solution;
  • Any communication you read relating to the e-Signature Solution on our website and/or while using any of our Services should not be construed by you as legal, tax or financial opinion or advice from us on any legal, tax or financial issues relating to the execution of your documents using the e-Signature Solution; and
  • You must also comply with the DocuSign terms and conditions when you elect to use the e-Signature Solution pursuant to clause 2 of the NowInfinity online terms and conditions.
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