FAQ's - Change of Electronic Signing Provider (PleaseSign > DocuSign)

At 10 pm AEST 28 April 2021, NowInfinity's default Electronic Signing Provider changed from PleaseSign to DocuSign. 
Refer below for information on this change, or contact NowInfinity's support team for further details.


What happens to documents I've sent using PleaseSign, yet to be signed?

All envelopes created and sent prior to the changeover will still be valid and will still be signed using PleaseSign.

What if I need to Resend a Signing Notification?

You can still use this feature, the Resend Signing Notification function will still work for PleaseSign envelopes that were created prior to the changeover.

What if I need to void an envelope?

If a document was sent prior to the changeover using PleaseSign, and the envelope is then voided, when this is re-sent, the envelope will be sent using DocuSign.

I have my own DocuSign account, can I use this?

Yes. Click here for information on connecting your custom DocuSign account.

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