Legal Referral Process


What is the process if I require client legal advice?


NowInfinity, whilst providing legal document solutions (which are licensed and maintained by our external legal providers), does not have an in-house legal team that can provide a custom legal document solution or legal advice service that is client-specific and are not "general advice" in nature.   

If you require a client legal advice service, send your request in writing to our Technical Compliance Team via email at Your request will be reviewed and if a legal opinion is required, will be referred to our external legal provider DGF Morgan & Associates on a fee for service basis.

DGF Morgan will then contact you directly via email providing you with a quote and cost agreement for their bespoke service for your acceptance. 

Note: dependent on capacity a response will be sent within 48 hours.

The cost agreement must be signed and returned before DGF Morgan can proceed with the legal service.


1. NowInfinity accounts will issue a tax invoice once the service has been finalised.

2. The Customer Service Team will escalate legal queries on your behalf if they have been unable to answer your query via chat or phone.

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