Updating addresses on Discretionary and Fixed Unit Trusts


How do I update an address for Discretionary/Fixed Unit Trusts? 


To update an address on a Discretionary/Fixed Unit Trust Deed, an amending deed can be drafted by our legal services provider on a fee-for-service basis (email legal@nowinfinity.com.au if you would like a quote for this service). In saying that, however, you do not ordinarily amend a deed for a change in address as there is no legal requirement to do so.

Rather, a Trustee would usually maintain a record of the change of address and that would be sufficient. 

Note: If the Trustee is a Corporate Trustee there would be an obligation to update the address that is registered with ASIC. 

Click here for details on how to edit an address on the Trust Register. 

Note: be aware that we do not provide advice on what data should be input in the forms to produce documents on NowInfinity. You are required to seek your own legal advice if you are unsure on how to correctly setup a legal structure.

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