Adding a company by lodging a 362 form / agent appointment.

All companies that you are currently an agent for will appear automatically in Corporate Messenger after activating Corporate Messenger. To become the agent of new companies (so that they appear in your companies list), follow the below steps:

  1. Open the main Menu and select 'Appoint an Agent' under the 'Corporate Messenger' section.


2. Complete the form. When entering the ACN, a system check will pre-fill the Company Name automatically.

3. The Registered Agent Name is already pre-filled to reflect your company name.


You can also choose to change the registered address of the client’s company, if required. 

4. On the 'Authorising and Declaration' tab the following information can be input:

  • Name of an officeholder.
  • Preferred name (optional).
  • Email (optional).
  • Phone (optional).
  • Officer role (required).

Note: Optional fields will be saved in Corporate Messenger.

When the form is lodged NowInfinity will initiate an automatic lodgement of the RA61 form to update your companies list.

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